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One System, One Fight – Human Chain

June 21, 2020 @ 15:00 - 17:00

👉 What? A human chain protest
👉 Why? The climate movement, the feminist movement, trade unions and the Black Lives Matter movement are coming together to demand a System Change!
👉 When? Sunday 21st of June at 3pm.

In the last year, people have risen up in all parts of the world. From Chile to Lebanon, from the USA to Sudan, from Algeria to Iran, from Hong-Kong to France. Many different movements have awakened and gained momentum. Millions of people have run down the streets of their cities and screamed their anger. From the feminist struggle to the climate movement. From fighting corruption to fighting for a better democracy. From fighting racism and police brutality to fighting poverty and inequalities.

Climate activists are scared for their future. Women are tired of being undermined in our patriarchal society. People of colour are angry for still being the victims of systematic racism. Workers are struggling to make ends meet and are tired of watching big corporations and the 1% benefitting from their suffering.

These movements might all seem apart from each other, but they are not. They are all fighting the SAME SYSTEM. A system designed to benefit a minority by oppressing the rest of us and destroying our planet. They are all fighting for a SYSTEM CHANGE.

On the 21st of June at 15:00, we will show our unity in Maastricht. The climate movement together with the feminist movement. Trade unions together with the Black Lives Matter movement. Maastricht has seen a lot of activism in the last years, and it is finally time for us to show our city and our country that these demonstrations are not separate entities. That we are together. That we are one. That we are the people, and that together, WE WILL TAKE THIS SYSTEM DOWN. 💪🔥

We will have 2 meeting points, on both sides of the bridge.
1. Plein 1992
2. Stadpark
Depending on where you are coming from, we ask you to proceed to the corresponding meeting point. There, monitoring people will direct you to your position in the human chain.

-Spots will be created with chalkspray along the chain, 1.5m distance from each other, where protesters can stand.
-Please stand with one person per spot, even if you share a household (exception will be children under 16).
-A livestream will be provided in case you cannot hear the speeches : http://mixlr.com/maastricht_activism
-Facemasks are highly encouraged.
-There will be a crowd management team, closely monitoring the protest. Please follow their instructions. Not following their directions could be detrimental to the cause of the protest.
-If you are not from Maastricht or direct surroundings, we are afraid that we will have to discourage you from coming. Corona measures cannot be enforced well on public transport, and non-essential travel is discouraged. Instead, we encourage you to follow the protest via the livestream.
-This protest will be organized by experienced local activists, in compliance with regulations set by the municipality.

This demonstration is only the beginning of the creation of a united front here in Maastricht. Join this protest, and make sure to join the massive demonstration that will be organized forin September. Unity is our strength.

Finally, don’t forget to share, invite, and share again! 🙌🙌


June 21, 2020
15:00 - 17:00
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Hoge Brug


Maastricht for Climate
Amnesty International
Black Lives Matter
Precious Plastic Maastricht
Fossil Free
Exctinction Rebellion
Klimaat Actie Netwerk
de FNV
Milieu Defensie afdeling Maastricht

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