our projects

The Action Team

Putting pressure on the government and raising awareness to the larger public by organizing large-scale actions, boycott campains, conferences and talks.

The Knowledge Team

Researching policies in the municipality to make our demands more concrete. Give our actions a meaning and a purpose.

Sustainability at UM

Pushing for a mandatory sustainability education at University Maastricht.

The Sustainability Guide

Bringing sustainability to the citizen.

Klimaat Actie Netwerk Collaboration

Strengthen and foster our realtionships with other active groups in Maastricht.


M4C started with the organization of Maastricht’s first climate march. By bringing attention to the current climate emergency M4C follows the aim of bringing sustainability at the center of our city.

Part of the global climate movement is holding those in power accountable for the current crisis and voicing our concerns as citizens of a democracy.

Thus, environmental activism and awareness raising campaigns remain one at the core of our organization. Awareness raising is crucial to inform and empower citizens as well as maintain the pressure on governments, corporations and institutions. The action team is dedicated to bring the environmental crisis at the top of the agenda in all societal spheres.

Our goal is an inclusive movement led by a diverse crowd of involved and concerned citizens. The environmental crisis can only be solved if we come and work together. Therefore, collaboration and empowerment lie at the core of all our actions.

Next action : Human Chain against Climate Change

The Knowledge Team

The objective of the knowledge team is to push for sustainability policies to be implemented in the city of Maastricht. Our approach is to work with the Gemeente to develop these policy recommendations.

In this endeavor we consult best practice cases and relevant literature, as well as conduct primary research in to tailor the transition to Maastricht. We also wish to include the local population in this process by engaging with local citizens, researchers, students, entrepreneurs and politicians. Debate cafés, panel discussions, and other events are therefore on the menu.

Furthermore, it is our aim to increase our outreach to the local community of Maastricht and promote active citizenship for a joint vision.

Example policy : ensuring that all events by the municipality are conducted without single-use plastic.

Next event : Samen voor een Circulaire Limburg

Sustainability Education at Maastricht University

Education is a central feature in the fight against climate change. Younger generations are growing up in an environment that has changed drastically over the recent years and will continue to do so. It is vital to provide knowledge to those generations by adapting the education system and making it adapted to today’s challenges. Climate change is a reality that will affect us all and that will never cease to be relevant.

Therefore, we believe that University Maastricht, as an educational body, has the responsibility to provide basic knowledge about climate change to all its students. No matter their studies, every student should be aware of what climate change and sustainability entail. Because we require an education that reflects the reality of the world, M4C is actively pushing for the development of a sustainability course embodying all of UM faculties and relevant to every student.

We currently work with experts from UM on developing this idea and introducing it to the administration board of the university.

The sustainability guide of Maastricht4Climate is an interactive manual offering solutions for a sustainable life in Maastricht. It educates the reader about the environmental impact of consumption behavior through four different sections: food, retail, hygiene, and waste.

The goals of the guide are firstly, to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the consumer behavior of citizens. Secondly, propose sustainable alternatives to encourage sustainable individual behavior.

In order to achieve these goals, each section starts with a very short overview of the environmental topics related to each section. The guide proposes options to adapt behavior in order to reduce environmental impacts. Finally, the guide offers concrete choices for a sustainable lifestyle in Maastricht. For example, the retail section explains the environmental impact of the fashion industry as the third most polluting industry in the world.

Solutions for a sustainable lifestyle can sometimes seem unrealistic or impractical. This guide shows how easy it can be to live in harmony with our natural environment.

Klimaat actie netwerk collaboration

M4C works in close cooperation with the Climate Action Network (KAN) of Maastricht.

The KAN is a platform to coordinate our efforts for sustainability with other civic associations in Maastricht.

Together with the KAN we organize events, spread awareness and promote a Climate Emergency Petition closely linked to the policy plan proposed by us to the Gemeente.

The network aims to expand its membership base and become an inspiring pilot project for global change towards a sustainable future through civil engagement.