sustainability guide

As climate change becomes an ever more pressing issue, governments are encouraged to drastically reduce their carbon footprint by 2050 and the citizens to change their daily habits. But what does this mean exactly ? Why are we asked to eat less meat, not take long showers, separate trash or buy more second-hand clothes ? All these new habits seem difficult to implement if we don’t know what we are doing wrong, but it can be really easy with some good tips and background knowledge !
Therefore, this guide is meant to give everyone a good overview on sustainability in the domains of waste, food, hygiene and retail. By reading it, you will acquire more knowledge about how your daily habits impact climate change as well as good and sustainable alternatives to your daily consumption !

We sincerely hope that this will help the Maastricht community to be more mindful of the environment and contribute to a long-term amelioration of the Netherland’s carbon footprint! We also hope that you, dear reader, will enjoy reading it and that you will get a clearer understanding of this sensitive topic!

Download the Sustainability Guide

You can also visit the interactive website by following this link.