The M4C Teams


The content creations team’s purpose in Maastricht for Climate (M4C) is to create content for other teams within M4C. The target audience for this content is the community of Maastricht with its local residents of all ages and university student population.

The objective of the team is to amplify the extent and urgency of the climate crisis. By providing a platform for informational blog posts about events in Maastricht related to climate change and climate justice, the effects of climate change locally and the often more severe effects on other areas of the world, we hope to provide the facts needed to energize everyone to speak up and take action.


Do you think that individual choice is responsible for a sustainable future? Would you like to share your research and knowledge on sustainability with local people? Then you should join the the Maastricht4Climate’s Sustainability Guide team! 

We take care of a guide, which helps people transition towards a more sustainable life. It gives tips to encourage the reader to reflect and try out new things in their daily life to reduce their environmental impact. It is done in the form of a website accessible to anyone. It gives a general context of the industry’s environmental impact and consequences on climate change. 

Our work involves creating new content for the guide, promotion and maintenance of the website. We are, however, opened to your ideas of spreading sustainability!


Social media

Are you interested in promoting and spreading climate justice? Mobilising people to fight against climate change? Reaching and informing different types of people about the climate crisis? Developing your communication skills and employing your creativity for an important cause?

If yes, then you should join Maastricht4Climate’s Social Media team. We are the team that makes sure that the message regarding climate change is heard by as many people as possible. That people are aware of our many projects and protests. That everyone can participate in the climate revolution. Our work includes writing rousing texts, designing stimulating posts and utilizing social media for a system change. Then join the movement!


Beyond the local scope of Maastricht for Climate that focus on making sustainable changes in our city, we as the External Relations Team strive to connect with other, like-minded organizations worldwide. Our aim is to address the climate crisis on a global scale and involve M4C in projects that go beyond our local reach.

Consequently, we work with national organizations within the Netherlands and initiatives all over the world to exchange ideas and knowledge and participate in projects.

We are part of the Glasgow Agreement whose purpose is to reclaim the initiative from governments and international institutions by creating an alternative tool for action (inventory and climate agenda) and a space for strategy and coordination for the climate justice movement.
We also joined SOS (Students Organizing for Sustainability International), an organization with members in 76 countries supporting student groups globally to lead on sustainability and social justice, connecting, strengthening, and scaling impactful initiatives.

By being part of these alignments, we strive to initiate global impact and contribute the motivation and ideas of M4C members to international projects.


UM team

Maastricht University strives to be a renowned and international University. As such, it has the responsibility to act according to current developments including the climate crisis.

Education is a central feature in the fight against climate change. Therefore, we believe that Maastricht University has the responsibility to provide knowledge about climate change and sustainability to all its students. As climate change is a reality that will affect every one of us and will never cease to be relevant, every student, no matter their studies, should be aware of the current and growing crisis. To tackle this, we are ultimately aiming for integration of these topics into all study programs at UM. To raise awareness about the importance of this education, we organise expert sessions, debates, discussions and workshops for all UM students to attend. For this, we also collaborate with the global citizenship education initiative from UM.

However, education is not the only matter we are fighting for. As a big University, also other changes and adaptations have to be made to be a more sustainable role-model. Therefore, we are also collaborating with KAN party to push UM to be more transparent, inclusive and take on more social responsibility.

Do you want to fight for a more sustainable University (education), then join our team!


Would you like to collaborate with locals and organise all kinds of actions to help make Maastricht more sustainable? Then, the small action is where you should be. 

We are enthusiastic about contributing to the fight for climate justice, with a focus on small-scale actions in collaboration with different local organisations such as Milieudefensie Maastricht or FNV Maastricht and local people. These actions are of all sorts: workshops, conferences, clean ups, flyer distribution and many more.

We welcome everyone who would like to help, and it is a big extra if you speak Dutch. See you soon!

Small action team


The internal relations team plays a vital, yet often overlooked, role in the organization. Our team’s main task is to organize events for all the members of Maastricht for Climate to attend. 

The idea behind this team is that a happy activist is a good activist. As the various teams within M4C have diverse tasks, without such events there would be few occasions for everybody to get together and get to know each other. We think of these events as important opportunities to bond as an organization and build a strong community amongst us activists. 

The team is always open to hearing new ideas on possible internal events and improving from the feedback we give to each other. As a member of this team you can learn very important skills in leadership, creative thinking and event planning. Join us and together we will build a better activist community 🙂


The Protest team is the frontline behind all the climate-related protests and marches here in Maastricht. We strive to bring together locals as well as internationals in the fight against the municipality and the government to force them to comply with the necessary changes that must be implemented in order to combat man-made catastrophes of climate injustice. 

Our mission has become even more urgent with the release of the recent IPCC (2021) report confirming the dire situation we now find ourselves in. We collaborate with the climate coalition, national and international climate movement to create a united front and pressure politicians most effectively with large actions. 

We’re done with excuses and apathy from those in power. Join now to help us stand against the destruction of our future!